Thursday, 11 August 2011

Craftsuprint Bingo - FULL HOUSE!

Brilliant news!  I won the full house on the Craftybob's Bingo this weekend and got £100 and a telephone call from Rob from Craftsuprint (aka Crafty Bob) himself to confirm it.  Craftybob's Bingo is free to play, all you have to do is register with Craftsuprint, make an order (£5 minimum) and you get your bingo card for free.  Numbers are called every 2 hours (you can check the numbers online at the Craftsuprint website), 4 corners and the centre wins £25 and a full house £100.  Once the full house is won and the numbers have been verified another game starts and you keep your bingo card to play over and over again.  Definitely worth registering and making a £5 order I reckon.  Dont forget you can go into Craftsuprint via my button over on the right and this gives me 2p, or alternatively this link takes you directly to the bingo.

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