Friday, 14 October 2011


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Here is a lovely card made using another of Pauline Black's designer resources - Japanese Floral Clipart - made up beautifully by Craftsuprint crafter Eve McMean.  Click HERE to see more cards made by Eve McMean.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

100th Birthday Card

I was asked recently by my neighbour to make her a 100th birthday card to give to Margaret, the mother of some good friends of hers.  She managed to get me some photos of Margaret from a very young age right up to very recent which I scanned in and made this A4 sized collage card and I think it has turned out quite well.  I do hope Margaret has a lovely birthday and enjoys her card.

Old Buses

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I have my brother-in-law Alan to thank for the photos of old buses I used on this card.  He is a total "Anorak" for buses of any kind and can name the route and registrations of all the London buses - amazing!  Anyway I think they made a really good man's card which has been made up very nicely by Kris Smart.  Click HERE to see more cards made by Kris Smart on Craftsuprint.

Vintage Lady In Pink Hat

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I snagged this lovely lady with her pink hat from, a vintage freebies website I was introduced to on Diana's Creations (thankyou Diana!).  Diana has got a whole new blog dedicated to all things vintage which you can go to through her main website, its definitely worth a view as there is some lovely stuff on there.  This card has been made up by Susan Smith and you can see more of her cards HERE.

Monet Bridge 6" Square Card Front

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When I saw this photo when looking through the Public Domain Pictures site I just knew it would make a beautiful card, especially after I had made it into a digital painting.  I made the frame myself using some Dover Publications free samples and I think it sets it off a treat.  What a beautiful job Craftsuprint Crafter Denise Murray has made of it as well!  To see more of Denise's cards click HERE.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

3rd Place!

Woohoo! I won 3rd place in Diana's Autumn Splendour competition!  Its the first time I have ever won anything in a craft competition (even if it is only 3rd place!)

Saturday, 17 September 2011


Diana over at Diana's Creations Blogspot, is celebrating her blog's first birthday with a contest.  For a prize she is giving a free commercial licence, a free membership to her other Membership Blog and an exclusive kit, all definitely worth having!  The only stipulations of the contest are that you use only the elements and papers from her Autumn Splendour kit (available on her blog HERE) to make your entry (card, layout, or whatever you like) and send to her at before 20 September 2011.  I have sent 2 entries, an A5 Thankyou cardfront and a .png frame (see below).

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Craftsuprint - Printing!

Another brilliant idea from Craftsuprint!  Now you can order a hard copy (ie not a download copy) of a craftsheet and have it printed out and despatched to you by first class post within 24 hours!  Click Here to go to the website to read all about it.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Craftsuprint Bingo - FULL HOUSE!

Brilliant news!  I won the full house on the Craftybob's Bingo this weekend and got £100 and a telephone call from Rob from Craftsuprint (aka Crafty Bob) himself to confirm it.  Craftybob's Bingo is free to play, all you have to do is register with Craftsuprint, make an order (£5 minimum) and you get your bingo card for free.  Numbers are called every 2 hours (you can check the numbers online at the Craftsuprint website), 4 corners and the centre wins £25 and a full house £100.  Once the full house is won and the numbers have been verified another game starts and you keep your bingo card to play over and over again.  Definitely worth registering and making a £5 order I reckon.  Dont forget you can go into Craftsuprint via my button over on the right and this gives me 2p, or alternatively this link takes you directly to the bingo.


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Here's the first of my Flower Inside cards to go up on Craftsuprint.  The card was made by Dianne Jackson and she has done such a good job, it looks lovely!  Click HERE to see more of Dianne's cards.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

NEW FROM - Flower Inside Card Kits

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Well here goes with another NEW FROM.  They will be going in the mailer today so fingers crossed they sell!  The flower in this particular card is a designer resource I bought which was made by Ammie Sanders on Craftsuprint, so thanks Ammie!  Click HERE to see more of Ammie's designer resources.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

La Dolce Vita Quickpage Freebie

Here is a quickpage I have made using a kit I downloaded from "Saphirasworld".  The kit was a commercial use ok freebie called La Dolce Vita so unfortunately it cant be used for CU4CU but is ok for your PU/S4O use.  Click on the link above to go over to Saphiras Scraps & Freebies.
It is saved in .png format at 300 dpi with a transparent background so you can slip your photos in behind.

Little Red Boat Panel Card

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I used another of Pamela West's watercolours to make the sheet for this lovely card made by Susan Smith.  Click HERE to see more of Susan's cards.

Grey Baby Bunny 4 Side Cutaway Card

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I absolutely love this cute little bunny which is an original watercolour by Pamela West, I think she is so talented and I love using her paintings on my cards.  The card was made by Lynn Butters and you can see more of Lynn's card HERE.

The Lighthouse

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Here is a lovely bright summery foldback card with a nautical feel.  The card was made by Selina Dittmann and you can see more of Selina's card HERE

Saturday, 2 July 2011


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Here is the card and envelope from my Retro Wedding Card Kit made by Christine Sutton.  You can see more of Christine's card HERE.


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This pretty card was made by Margaret Bleazard, click here to see more of her cards.  I think it is such a pretty design and that is mainly thanks to the Diana's Creations rose graphics from one of her Elegance kits - lovely.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


 Here are two pictures of an easel card I made today.  I used my GLOWING MOTHS topper with a 5" frame from my 5" SQUARE FRAME KIT and mounted it on the green easel base from my 5" SQUARE EASEL BASE KIT.

Even though I say so myself, I think this makes a lovely card and shows the toppers match really well with the card bases and frames.  There are 10 different coloured bases and frames in the two kits and so far I have 3 matching toppers but I am working on more to put up.

The bottom photo shows the inside of the card with the area for you to write your greeting or message.  Easel cards seem to be really popular at the moment, I think they are great, especially as they fold down flat to fit into an envelope. 

If you want to see more toppers to go on my easel bases, click my Craftuprint Premier Designer button over on the left to go to my home page.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Gold Star Background CU4CU Freebie

Here is another background sheet I have made in Drawplus.  It measures 6"x6" but can be resized as it was originally saved at 12"x12" at 300 dpi.  Please help yourself if you want it, you can do what you like with it but again, if you use it commercially please either give me credit or link back here.  Comments are always welcome!  I have uploaded a full kit of these background sheets in different pastel colours to Craftsuprint, click HERE to see the kit.


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Here is one of my 4-side cutaway cards made up actually as a cutaway card.  I think it looks very pretty!  The card was made by Christine Crowther, click here to see more of Christine's cards.

Royal Brompton Hospital Appeal

Lisa Baglietto, a fellow Craftsuprint designer, has made an appeal on the Craftforum for people to sign a petition to stop the closure of the Royal Brompton Hospital's Children's Cardiac Department.  Click HERE to go to the forum to see Lisa's appeal and the link to sign the petition.

Saturday, 11 June 2011


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Well here is the first card from my new 4-side cutaway card range, made by Dianne Jackson.  See more of Dianne's cards HERE.  She hasn't used the sheet to make a cutaway card but that's good in a way because it shows the sheets can be used to make card toppers as well - very versatile, and she has done a lovely job of the card so I'm happy!

Just want to say thanks to Dianna's Creations, the graphics for this card came from one of her Elegant Elements kits, just gorgeous!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Gold Butterfly Background Sheet CU4CU Freebie

Here is a pretty gold butterfly backing sheet I made in Drawplus.  It measures 10" x 10" but can be resized.  If anyone wants it you are welcome, just right click then save to your own computer.  You can do what you like with it but if you use it for anything commercial please either link back here or give me credit.  Thanks.  Oh yes and a comment would be great!

If you like this background sheet I have uploaded a full set in different colours to Craftsuprint - click here to see the kit  GOLD BUTTERFLY CLOUD BACKGROUND SHEETS

NEW FROM - 4 Side Cutaway Cards

Here I go again, another New From in today's mailer, fingers crossed they all sell.  They don't seem to be going very quickly so far, not like last month with my envelope card kits, they went like hotcakes as soon as I uploaded them.  These are two cards I have made up to take to the shop I sell cards at.  To see my sheets for these cards click here APPLE BLOSSOM and here YACHT AT SEA.

Saturday, 4 June 2011


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Here is a card made by Kristina Norbat, click here for more of Kristina's cards.  I used one of Pauline Black's designer resources from her Japanese Florals collection which I really love, it was a really good buy and I have got lots of use from it.

Friday, 3 June 2011


Maroon Windowframe Quickpage
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Here is my entry for the Crazy Challenge 69 - Pets.  I've made a digital quickpage which I have uploaded to CUP (click above to go and see it) and for the challenge I have added pictures of my mum & sister's two poodles Pixie & Liqua, they are both so photogenic, Pixie loves posing for the camera although Liqua is a bit shy.

Thursday, 2 June 2011


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I love this card!  The picture of the hanging basket was sent to me by my brother-in-law Alan and I thought it was so pretty I had to make a cardsheet using it.  This card was made by Joan Prince - click here to see more of Joan Prince's cards.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011



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I've decided to start entering card-making competitions again, you never know I might actually win something one day.  What I thought I'd do is design a card sheet using the sketch and make up the card and enter it into the competition, that way I am killing two birds with one stone, designing a craft sheet for Craftsuprint and entering a card in a competition.  The card to the left is the result of my first effort and it is going to be entered into the Sketch Saturday competition for Week 157.  Its Sketch Saturday's 3rd birthday this week - Happy Birthday Sketch Saturday!  The link to Sketch Saturday is over on the right hand side of this blog.
To make this sheet I used the butterfly background sheets and elegant flower from Diana's Creations and the jazzy butterflies came from Darq Illusions - thank you to both of them.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


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I think this sheet looks really good made up, it took a while to sell but I am really pleased with the result.  I got the graphics from Diana's Creations (link to her site over on the right hand side of this blog).   The card was made by Jayne Francis.  Click here to see more cards made by Jayne Francis.


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Here's another of my gift envelope card kits made up into a card by Michelle Chivers.  Click here to see more of Michelle's cards.

Monday, 16 May 2011


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This card was made by Audrey Wilson.  I bought a designer resource by Pauline Black called Japanese Clipart Florals and I have really enjoyed making sheets using these beautiful flower designs.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


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I uploaded the sheet for this card absolutely ages ago and it never sold, until now that is!  The card was made by Selina Dittmann and she has made it into a get well soon card, I didn't think of that at the time but it is quite appropriate.   Click here to see more cards made by Selina Dittmann

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


I'm having a great day sales-wise on craftsuprint,  all my Envelope Card kits are selling really well.  I haven't received my copy of the mailer yet so I don't know if it's gone out and that is the reason for the sales or if it's just people seeing them in the new items section and liking them. Whatever, I'm really pleased!  This is the latest of my envelope cards and it sold straight away,  I think it's really pretty, even though I say so myself!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Something I would really like to have a go at, when I have time (and of course can afford the software), is creating posers.  I dont know much about the terminology etc but I really love the little Cookie characters, they are so cute.  Diana aka "Diana's Creations" has started making Cookies and has put some on her Exclusive Blog, I have a CU4CU licence to use her stuff (over on the right of the blog) and she has kindly given me permission to use her Cookies in my craftsheets.  Here are the first two sheets I have put onto craftsuprint using her Cookies.  I'll upload pictures of cards if and when they sell and someone makes them.  I have added a link to the licence plate over on the right to take you to the "Diana's Creations" blog.

Well here is the first card uploaded from the above sheets.  This card was made by Eunice Roberts.  Click here to see more cards made by Eunice Roberts.

Monday, 9 May 2011


I'm really excited because I've got my first "New From" coming up in Wednesday's Craftsuprint mailer.  Its an A5 Envelope Gift Card.  Lots of people have done Envelope Cards which are ordinary cards with an envelope flap on them.  This is my version of the envelope card but with a pocket underneath the flap that you can put money, a gift voucher, tickets, anything that will fit really, and you know it will be safe and won't fall out when the recipient takes the card out of the envelope.  I've done 10 different designs and they will all be uploaded at the same time so what with all the new designs and the exposure on the mailer which goes out to all CUP's customers, I'm hoping I should get some good sales over the next week or so, fingers crossed!


This is a card made using one of my craftsheet designs and uploaded to CUP by Michelle Chivers

Complete Cardmaking

I received my copy of Complete Cardmaking in the post this morning with the first issue of  CraftsINPrint inside.  I have to say I was well impressed!  Not only did I get the Complete Cardmaking magazine, I also got the CraftsINPrint magazine, a bumper CD with loads of stuff on it and 10 free CUP downloads, I'll get all this again for the next two months and it only cost me £14.99 with free delivery!  To me this is a really good saving, the magazine normally costs £5.99 per month, and with me being in France free delivery is really good because it would normally add on quite a bit to the subscription price.  I really like the magazine as well because it is all about digital cardmaking which is what I am most interested in.  I really hope CUP do another offer like this for a further 3 months subscription, that's probably asking a bit much though but I'll keep my fingers crossed anyway.


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This is my first posting on my new blog and its a picture of a card made by Dawn Jones using a craft sheet I designed for Craftsuprint.  The original artwork (the sewing machine piccy) is a designer resource by Sarah Horton, also on Craftsuprint.  Click the link above to go to to see my craftsheet for this card.